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Espoo is Finland's second largest city renowned as the center of science, art, business and high technology. With the presence of Aalto University, European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and HQ's for many listed tech companies, Espoo serves as the prime innovation and technology hub in Northern Europe. The city employs about 15 000 people and wants them to feel well, develop their personal and professional skills and experience joy at work. WOPI was adopted as an integral part of the recruitment process in 2009.
HAUS, the Finnish Institute of Public Management implements training, development and consultation projects with a mandate from the Finnish government and strategic goal in which Finland is a competitive and innovative economy with a highly qualified public sector. HAUS uses WOPI and WOPI360 widely in its development programs. Examples include the "Government Passport" for onboarding and promotion of career mobility. "Future Leaders" is targeted at high level leaders in the government administration.

Strategy driven coaching for EMEA sales directors

A world-leading Nasdaq-listed ICT service company wanted to appraise the potential of its group of sales directors working in EMEA locations. The business is shifting from fixed-line to mobile technology requiring new products and sales solutions. The WOPI Group profile of competency drivers predicted strong "footwork" but, non-satisfactory production of creative, situationally sensitive sales solutions. For remedy, the company's sales leadership and HR initiated a coaching project targeted at the group and the individual directors.

Career options for US MBA students

The target was a North American MBA program with focus on innovation and design. The participants included marketing and R&D professionals, start-up entrepreneurs and would-be start-uppers. Participants received their personal WOPI profiles attached with guides to self-directed competency development. The participant-class comparison profile indicates that the person's potential is geared more toward facilitative than entrepreneurial roles within innovation business.
OUTPLACEMENT 50PLUS is a network of professionals specialized in helping executives and professionals over 50 to find new jobs and careers. The main operational areas have been Switzerland and Germany but the network is expanding to other EU countries. The notion held by the network is that self-awareness is the key driver to finding new, fulfilling jobs. By virtue of providing an inventory of personal work motives, ways of thinking and attitudes, WOPI was the natural choice for the network's career assessment and coaching tool.
Eriksson & Associates is a Switzerland based network of global management psychologists helping organizations in leadership assessment and development with research based methods. The target was a global technology company undergoing transformation from a product oriented to a service providing company. The board and CEO were consulted for a renewed set of competencies, such as design thinking. 40 global top executives were given the WOPI for an inventory of their competency drivers.

Psychological drivers of innovation

The planned research explores the creation-implementation model of innovation where the thinking-driven creative phase is followed by motive-driven implementation. Students are given the WOPI + non-verbal tests on aesthetic preferences and sensory imagery related to popular consumer brands (taste, smell, etc.) for prediction of performance. Self, peer and teacher appraisals are used as performance criteria in the creative phase. Final theses, product developments, birth of start-up companies, filed patents, etc., serve as criteria in the implementing phase.


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